FairyTale-Inspired Places You Need To Visit ASAP

Isn’t it nice to travel to places that you can only see and hear in fairytales? Whether you are a child growing up to marvel at beautiful scenes from fairy tales or an adult looking to experience life from stories, these magnificent places will make your dreams come true.

Take a look at the places you can visit if you want to see and experience living the fairytale life:

Be a Cinderella in Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Cinderella is a fairytale familiar to many. Envision the rags to riches story as you travel on Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle inspired the castle used in the Cinderella story. If you love Cinderella and you love the story a lot, marveling at the architecture and beauty of this castle will leave you speechless. 

See Peter Pan in Bloomsbury, London

Neverland? Sure you’ve heard it before. But that’s not the place we are going for in this article. Let’s go back to the place where the Darling family lives. See Wendy and Peter converse in your vision as you travel to Bloomsbury. If you want to get a feel of the Edwardian-era townhouse with a nursery place of Wendy, then this neighborhood is worth checking out. 

Live Like Royalty Jasmine in Taj Mahal 

Taj Mahal is the jewel and testament of the love of a man to his woman. The Taj Mahal inspired the palace where Jasmine of Aladdin resides. Relive the moment of Aladdin and Jasmine in the beautiful Islamic architecture of the Taj Mahal and confess your love over and over again with this wonderful sight to see. 

Visiting the places straight from the fairytales is a great way to spend your travels. There is no better feeling than seeing something you can only see in papers appear before your very eyes. What’s best is you can contain that moment forever when you capture it in a picture. So snap, snap, and read on more about travel from [WEBSITE].

Best Places To Enjoy Travel And Avoid The Crowds

Going to major travel destinations in the low season is the best. The reason? You will not only experience all the great sights but also avoid the crowds. Also, you can save money when you travel in the offseasons.

There are advantages when you travel to major tourist destinations in off-peak months. Imagine not having queues at the dinner tables, getting travel tickets at a reduced price, and fewer to no waiting list on travel attractions. You do not have these luxuries when you travel during peak season.


Island of Pag, Croatia

The picturesque country is fully open for travellers and one of the countries promoting tourism and relaxing travel restrictions. To boost tourism, citizens get a 50 per cent discount on more than 100 businesses, including several hotels and Croatia Airlines.

The country has successfully managed the COVID019 situation, so it is fully open for foreign tourists. Hotels and campsites reopened to accommodate guests. The Simuni Campsite on the island of Pag opened in mid-May taking only a few guests from Croatia and Slovenia. The campsite ensures that health safety and social distancing is observed all the time.


The country’s stringent Coronavirus lockdown affected tourism. The government want to boost tourism and offers to pay 50 per cent of traveller’s flights and one-third of their hotel expenses. Also, free tickets to attractions like museums and archeological sites. You can take advantage of these perks after the lockdown. These great travel offers are expected to come in the form of vouchers shortly after lockdown ends.


Ohama Coast Awaji Island

Like Sicily’s, the government of Japan intends to cut down on visitors’ expenses to help its tourism industry. Japan has successfully avoided the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and considered a relatively “safe” country to travel these days.

The Kyukamura Minami-Awaji Resort in the south of Kobe, despite the 40 per cent drop in hotel booking has received a heavy booking. This hotel features a campground, and visitors come here for a healthier open-air environment. To attract more tourists, many hotels across the country offer reduced room prices.

Travel Asia – Great Adventures To Try When In Japan

Are you planning to travel Asia? Consider a trip in Japan. There are a lot of great adventures you can do in The Land of the Rising Sun. While you are planning your trip, here are some tips you can save up and enjoy once you are there:

Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan

Take a Japanese cooking class

How about taking your knowledge of Japanese cuisine a bit deeper by learning some of your favourite dishes? As a travel writer, taking a cooking class when you travel is a great way not just to enjoy the country’s cuisine but their culture as well.

Take a ride on a bullet train

One of the famous things you can do in Japan is by riding their bullet train and live to tell the tale. Once on the train journey, you can just sit back and look out the windows as you find great scenery and just relax. Don’t forget to bring a good book and some snacks to enjoy the ride.

Visit their shrines and temples

Shrines and temples are not the same. Shrines is mostly a Shinto religion while temples often have a statue of Buddha and are for Buddhist. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a visit to those places. You can visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Shitenoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji, and so on.

See snow monkeys at Jigokudani Park

Another favourite activity to do when in Japan. The path leading to the monkey park is lined with towering pines and if you are going to visit in February, you will be able to find the area frosted with snow which is a beautiful sight to see.

Essential Tips When You Travel With Your Children

Are you planning to travel with your children when the global health crisis is over? If it is going to be your first time, sharing the travel experience with your children can really be exciting. However, it can also be daunting as you have to prepare everything to make it fun for you and your children. 

Planning in advance really helps a lot to make it easier for you. To help you with your plans, here are some essential tips that you can follow:

Don’t rush it

Perhaps you can rush getting off the plane if you just travel alone. Now that you have your own children to take care off, you better just sit back and relax. While people may be rushing around you, a slower pace of vacation in your case will make the family travel experience worthwhile.

Don’t bring a lot

Your luggage will be heavier than what it should be when you overpack. Remember to bring only necessities. If you think that your child may not need an item on her luggage, why bring it? Your children can manage to leave unnecessary items for the time being.

Where to stay? 

Booking a hotel and vacation rental both have an advantage. Hotels provide room service and even baby-sitting services while vacation rentals have the advantage of making the place your home for the meantime. You can cook your own food, especially if kids are picky with foods and you can save at the same time.

Brand the kids

You want to keep your children safe while on holiday. To lessen the worry of them getting lost, you can brand your children by writing their name and phone number on their arm or shirt. Having a GPS tracking device that you can follow along via the app can help keep your kids even your things, safe and secure on your travels.